I started this blog primarily as a tool in my search for a ministry position. For now at least, I only intend to put up a little introductory material, my resume, and a few sermon audios. Feel free to download and share any of this information, as long as you don’t alter it in any way. Contact information may be found in the resume below.

Short Bio:

I was born in Fort Ord, CA, but grew up mostly in Charleston, SC. I have also lived in Colorado, Maine, Kentucky, and Indiana. I am currently back in South Carolina, working and seeking the Lord’s direction for bi-vocational ministry.

I was blessed to have a Christian mother and was saved as a child. At sixteen, I committed my life to vocational service through the church and the Lord graciously began using me in whatever context I was in (Eccl 9:10a, “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might”). In these circumstances, the Lord has led me and others into a deeper, more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. This is truly a constant source of joy and delight!

I studied hard and worked a lot as a teenager and young adult and went to Trident Technical College from 2000 through the summer session of 2001. I transferred to North Greenville University in 2001 and graduated in 2004 with a BA in Christian Studies. I can’t say enough positive things about North Greenville; this degree prepared me very well, both for practical ministry as well as deep theology. After North Greenville, I assisted with a church plant in Maine and then returned home to South Carolina. I began working as an electrician with Palmetto Residential Electric in 2004 and in 2005, I began classes at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. I joined Ninth and O Baptist Church and dedicated myself to practical ministry and theological study. I also served as an intern and director of the media ministry. I continued working as an electrician during breaks and graduated from Southern with a M. Div in counseling in December of 2009. In February of 2010 I began serving as the Interim Pastor of El Bethel Baptist Church until they called a permanent pastor. In December of 2010, I began serving as a pastoral intern at Suburban Bible Church. In February of 2012, my wife and I moved back to my home, South Carolina to work and prepare for the next step in ministry. While seeking the Lord’s will, I served as the transitional pastor for St. Johns Baptist in Pinopolis, SC and helped them re-constitute the church and call a full-time pastor.

After much prayer we began pursuing bi-vocational ministry as a way to build the Kingdom, reach the world, and utilize the gifts and talents the Lord has given us. We recently started Capital Karate in Mount Pleasant, SC as a way to support our work. You can find more information about the studio on our website here. We are very excited about this as it is a passion of mine. I have been teaching since 1996 and in that time I’ve seen many different programs and studios and I can confidently say this is a truly unique program that focuses on character development as well as the martial arts, it truly provides the best of both. Please pray with us that the Lord will bless this tent-making business and thus give us the freedom to serve more in His Kingdom!


I married the love of my life, Michelle, on December 20, 2008. We met at Ninth and O Baptist Church and the rest is history, as they say. She was born in Marshalltown, IA, but grew up in Evansville, IN. She is the second of seven children. She attended Pensacola Christian College in Pensacola, FL, earning her BS in Nursing. She moved to the Louisville area in 2007 to work as an RN in one of the hospitals. She is also a very talented harpist. Her interests include cooking, scrapbooking, music, and craft projects.

My Heart:

One of the greatest joys and interests in my life is that of studying people and spurring them on in the Lord. I’m very passionate about authenticity and transparency and work hard to maintain my integrity. I desperately love deep conversation and communication, free from pretense and deceit. I’m a strong believer in genuine discipleship, both in being discipled and in discipling others. We ought to be fed and to feed others; after all, no man can lead well if he is not first a good follower (Matt 20:25-, Mark 10:42-45). I also believe very strongly in teamwork. Finally, I’m very doctrinally and practically oriented. I believe in studying the Bible with all of my heart. I want to know it intimately and completely. Yet, I do not believe in studying for the sake of knowledge alone. Rather, I believe true knowledge will be fleshed out in life and thus, I love taking the Word of God and bringing it to the real world, where the rubber meets the road. To the core of my being, doctrine without devotion is dead!

The Lord has given me both the desire and the abilities to serve and minister to His people, being one who shares their pains, trials, joys, and celebrations. I am committed to help others come to know Christ, to know Him more fully, to enable them to learn and exercise their spiritual gifts, and to equip them for effective ministry at home and around the world. Above all, He must increase, I must decrease!

Positions Served (selected):

  • St Johns Baptist: Transitional Pastor
  • Suburban Bible Church: Pastoral Intern
  • El Bethel Baptist Church: Interim Pastor
  • Ninth and O Baptist Church: Music and Fine Arts Intern, Praise Team, Choir
  • North Greenville University: Student Chaplain, President of Martial Arts Club
  • Tigerville Baptist: Pulpit Supply
  • Pleasant Grove Baptist: Pulpit Supply, Teacher, Worship Supply, Chair of Finance Team, Chair of Men’s Ministry, Chair of Sound Team, Sunday School Director, and Co-chair of College and Career Ministry.

Miscellaneous Information:

  • Currently Chief Instructor and Owner of Capital Karate in Mount Pleasant, SC
  • Martial Arts Instructor holding 3nd Degree Black Belt in Shaolin Kempo Karate and in Mixed Martial Arts
  • Electrician and general handy-man
  • Build and repair computers and basic networks
  • Other interests include shooting, photography, music, racquetball, archery, volleyball, etc

My Current Resume:

Aaron Hawk – Ministry Resume – 20130630
-additional references available upon request

Sermon Audio:

These sermon audios are provided to give you a few samples of sermons that I have delivered. I try very hard to make sure that the any sermon I preach is tailored to the church in which I am speaking. As such, my style, choice of illustrations, and even the length of time may vary quite a bit and will reflect the culture and nature of the congregation in which I am speaking. Finally, though I always pray that the Holy Spirit would use me and speak through me, I am a sinful, fallible human being. Thus, if there are any errors or problems with a sermon, I promise you it is completely my fault and I hereby apologize.

Aaron Hawk – 20110918 AM – The Fighter
Context: This sermon was delivered on September 18, 2011 during the am service of a suburban church with approximately 300 attenders. It was the third part of a series on “Courageous Living” from the movie “Courageous.”

Aaron Hawk – 20100711 AM – Sunday School – The Gospel
Context: This sermon was delivered on July 11, 2010 during the Sunday School hour of a small mountain church. It was actually a Sunday School lesson delivery of a sermon I’d preached before. I have found it a good practice not to assume common knowledge on foundational issues and thus, wanted to establish a firm understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, before preaching on Great Commission Living later in the day. Finally, by nature of being a Sunday School lesson, this “sermon” is much more interactive and required polite redirection at points, as well as encouragement, though you may not be able to hear the question or statement being made from the congregation.

An Ancient Path, a Living Lord, and a Hope-filled Future
Context: This sermon was delivered on February 7, 2010 at the am service of a small church in a rural farming community. This was the first time I spoke with this congregation.

Aaron Hawk – Sermon 1 – How Long – Dec 23 2001
Context: This was the very first sermon I ever preached, before a single Bible-class… and it still challenges me today. I suppose I’m partly including it for sentimental reasons, but I also feel it gives a sense of my more urgent preaching as this was a time of great turmoil at this church (the church had been without a pastor for about a year). I originally had no title for it, but have since titled it “How Long” (from Numbers 14 and others). Finally, the first voice you hear is that of the interim pastor, who took a few minutes to explain to the congregation why he wasn’t preaching on Christmas Sunday morning.

Sermon Video:

Context: This sermon was delivered on September 18, 2011 during the am service of a suburban church with approximately 300 attenders. It was the third part of a series on “Courageous Living” from the movie “Courageous.”

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